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CABEM Technologies Announces Partnership with ORS Interactive

A partnership to advance competency, compliance, and competitiveness of hospitality and tourism enterprises. ORS Interactive, Inc., Arlington, VA, and CABEM Technologies, Newton, MA, have entered into a partnership to modernize and advance compliance, competency, and...

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CABEM is the SaaS Solution of Choice for SIL International

SIL International, a global, faith-based nonprofit, will leverage CABEM’s web-based Competency Management application to track and assign competencies in support of its mission. SIL International delivers language solutions within local communities around the globe in...

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CABEM Competency Manager is the Solution for Terrestrial Energy

Terrestrial Energy will leverage CABEM’s web-based Competency Management application to track the competency and development of Terrestrial Energy employees. Terrestrial Energy is developing clean, cost-competitive, and resilient energy technology that will change how...

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CABEM Participation in CommerceLex Roundtable

CABEM participated in a tech employer roundtable discussion hosted by CommerceLex. The discussion was to identify challenges small and large technology companies face when hiring in Lexington. Short and long-term goals were explored to foster collaboration with the...

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CABEM Partners with MCSA

CABEM, an enterprise custom development company has partnered with MCSA to support their effort for a safer America [Auburndale, MA, 9/8/21] CABEM, a custom enterprise development and competency solution provider, has developed a solution for managing CJIS policy...

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