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Livia is a proprietary library of compatible building blocks to build your solution


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Livia – Your Development Building Blocks

Used to deliver our software solutionsLivia is an advanced framework, with managed code repositories, standard visual treatments, security considerations, and deployment requirements – including on-premise and cloud-based architectures

CABEM outpaces and underprices custom development competitors by leveraging our own proprietary library of compatible building blocks to build your solution. We call this library Livia, and it is our “secret sauce.

About Our Framework

livia ai

Livia Integrated AI Support

AI support through connectors to the latest platforms to power application features used for:

  • Automated code generation of server side and front-end code through OpenAPI specifications and AI for implementation efficiency
  • Software Development and Testing
  • Workflow and Rules Management
  • Content Generation
  • Competency Modeling and Confirmation Techniques
  • Customer Unique requirements


Automate business processes and action items, also manage and schedule assets.

  • Schedule, implement, and manage project deliverables and requirements.
  • Estimate, schedule, and monitor asset and inventory utilization and costs.
  • Render Gant and Calendar views of past and current projects, as well as forecast milestones with automatic notifications.


Customize the software with your brand’s personality, themes, and style for a seamless look and feel with your visual requirements.


  • Implement white labeling services.
  • Keep the product consistent with your visual branding.
  • Configure any visuals per your organizational requirements.
  • Populate content in the application as your requirements grow and change.

Documents and Data

Retain important information in the built in document manager and library.


  • Retain and access important information with the built-in document manager and library.
  • Configure permission-based viewing privileges.
  • Implement automated categorization and document filing systems.
  • The standard interface is hierarchical, with a drag and drop folder management capability.

Resources and Locations

Allocate materials and resources to locations and projects, all from a cloud based, secure environment.


  • Assess project risk and priority with a built-in rules engine.

Security and Back-ups

Protect your data with built-in authentication, encryption, forensics, automated data protection, and more.


  • Hardened Password management and two-factor authentication.
  • Log monitoring, forensics, performance, and vulnerability management.
  • Firewalling and obfuscation.
  • OS system security and automated backups.


Create and manage custom notifications for important reminders and action items.


  • Set up permission, managerial, and role-based notifications.
  • Set notifications for tasks assigned, approaching due dates, and completed and overdue tasks.
  • Create security, authentication, performance, and log driven notifications.
  • Assign items to any application process you want to be alerted of.

Process and Workflow

Set rules and workflow triggers within the system, automating processes and enhancing quality control measures.


  • Implement rules management.
  • Reduce redundancy of actions.
  • Utilize an intelligent workflow manager.
  • Automate business practices.


Create accounts for each user in the company and assign permissions and visibility based on authority and responsibility.


  • Set up user classes unique to your organizational requirements.
  • User classes can have viewing, management, and administrative privileges.
  • The system records, maintains, and protects sensitive information by permissioned users.
  • Past users and history is archived to maintain accountability logs.

Reports & Analytics

Use data reports and filtering to provide invaluable insights to your business.


  • The system’s logging capability can record any and all transactions.
  • Set up automated reporting and threshold management capability.
  • Create built in filters that allow for user-based data viewing and reporting.
  • Render complex reports with data visualization and analytics tools.

Cloud Adoption and Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity measures are baked in to all of our custom development services and products that we build. We have a team of cybersecurity and DevOps experts who work to protect your information and data.

Technology Platforms

Below is a list of technology platforms we can utilize for custom projects or competency solution deployments.
We primarily develop in a LAMP environment. However, we also are implementing projects in .net.

  • React.js
  • Bootstrap
  • HTML5
  • PHP
  • CABEM Livia
  • MariaDB
  • Jira
  • Apache
  • (OpenAPI)
  • PHP Slim
  • Ansible
  • Redhat Linux
  • Sendgrid
  • Git


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