Members to Benefit from a Competency Framework utilizing Personalized Training and Content Recommendations Based on Self-Assessment Scores

CABEM, a leader in enterprise learning and competency solutions, is proud to announce its collaboration with The Society of Women Engineers (SWE), the world’s largest advocate for women in engineering and technology. This partnership aims to provide SWE members an innovative platform to support their competency framework and guide their professional development journey.

With the integration of CABEM’s Competency Manager, SWE members will have the opportunity to self-assess their proficiency in various professional categories. Scores will be generated based on their self-assessment, and members will be assigned proficiency levels. Depending on their proficiency in different categories, members will be directed to ideal training and content tailored to help them enhance their skills in specific areas.

“SWE has always been at the forefront of supporting women engineers’ professional growth. By leveraging CABEM’s expertise, we aim to offer our members a more personalized and effective approach to professional development,” said Rachel Porcelli, Senior Manager, Learning Programs at SWE.

Jay Fredkin, CEO at CABEM, shared his perspective on the partnership, stating, “Women are critical to the future of technology, and this is self-fulfilling. We need women in our business – it’s not just good for CABEM, but great for our industry as a whole.”


CABEM specializes in delivering accelerated custom solutions to address enterprise learning and competency challenges. With a rich library of regulatory compliance, competency, and credentialing software components, CABEM configures solutions that seamlessly align with specific business requirements. Their approach combines years of domain experience to ensure solutions fit client needs perfectly.

About Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

For over 70 years, the Society of Women Engineers has been a champion of women engineers globally. As an international not-for-profit educational and service organization, SWE is dedicated to being a catalyst for change for women in engineering and technology. Founded in 1950 and headquartered in the United States, SWE boasts a robust membership of over 40,000 members, spanning nearly 100 professional sections, 300 collegiate sections, and 60 global affiliate groups.

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