Website redesigned to highlight the Competency Solutions focus of CABEM, an enterprise custom development company.

[Auburndale, MA, 6/10/21] CABEM, a custom enterprise development and competency solution provider is thrilled to announce the launch of its new website,

After decades of success developing custom enterprise solutions, the CABEM team developed a passion for competency management, a discipline essential to the growth of successful enterprises. Most companies don’t really understand what they need. They just know they have a problem. They may have regulatory requirements or other standards to meet. And they are putting their business at risk by tracking employee and vendor compliance offline in spreadsheets.

The new CABEM website features competency-based learning solutions, credentialing solutions, and criminal justice information solutions. It will make employee and vendor tracking far more streamlined which allows enterprises to focus on more proactive activities.

“As a strong group of web developers, we excel at listening to a problem and building a solution. I saw a real need for solutions to inspire professional development and manage compliance risk. Employee and vendor tracking have outgrown their spreadsheet systems. Business leaders aren’t confident that all employees have the required skills and credentials for the jobs they are doing”, said Jay Fredkin, Co-Founder and CEO, CABEM

We invite mid-size businesses exploring solutions for tracking, auditing, and managing their skills & competencies, credentials, or regulatory compliance needs to visit to learn more.


CABEM offers accelerated custom solutions for enterprise learning and competency challenges. We offer a rich library of regulatory compliance, competency, and credentialing software components ready to configure for your business.

We blend years of domain experience with your business requirements to provide a solution that fits your needs like a glove.